the inside and the outside

Flowing with our previous Torah about David Hamelech's Derech differing from that of the Baal Shem Tov, I wanted to understand what connecting to HaShem is all about. It's a topic we've covered somewhat extensively but here we'll hopefully highlight a particular perspective.

We know that HaShem is described in two ways when regarding His relationship to creation. On the one side, He surrounds the world, on the other, he permeates it. These are two very different forms of relationship that only HaShem could pull off simultaneously.

It would seem that David HaMelech related primarily to the relationship of being surrounded by HaShem. The image of Succath David is a surrounding image. Being Hidden in HaShem's shade is likewise surrounding.

The Baal Shem Tov, from the other direction seems to want to embrace HaShem's permeating nature. He wants to be totally permeated by HaShem, filled to overflowing, wherever he may be in the world, without ever losing sight of this fullness.

This bears notice, when we relate to HaShem, which way do we relate? Do we want to embrace or be embraced? Or for the more demanding among us, do we want both at once?

Normally when we relate to HaShem it is either in the manner of ratz, running, or shav, returning. I don't know if it is fully clear which one relates to which relationship. It may not be set in stone.

I think there's a place for us to work towards and want both at once. To be at once overflowing with HaShem, and curled tightly in His warmest embrace.


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