the mountain came to the besht

Rav Ginsburg (Into to the Kabbalah of the Arizal p. 213) brings down that Mosheh Rabbeinu's level was such that he had to ascend the mountain (leaving the people behind) in order to completely cleave to HaShem. He then had to descend back down the mountain to bring HaShem's Word to the people.

He then explains that the Baal Shem Tov asked for a special gift from HaShem that he might be able to be totally connected to the world and to HaShem simultaneously, all the time. This was the difference in the Baal Shem Tov's relationship to HaShem.

I just wanted to interject that according to the Noam Elimelech, David Hamelech sought a slightly different outcome in his request of HaShem, he wanted to stay close to HaShem at all times, and that HaShem would come down to the people directly. [we mentioned this before]


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