everybody put your hands in the air!

Sometimes, for a person to pray to HaShem, they need to pick themselves up. It's not enough to know you are insignificant and powerless. Sometimes you need to appreciate how much power you actually have. You need to remember that you are a descendant of the Holy forefathers, Avraham, Yitzhak, and Yaakov. You need to remember that you carry within you an infinite Godly soul.

If we pray, HaShem will listen, because He cares about us.

This is the lesson of Mosheh's hands in the battle with Amalek - if we lower our hands, if we think we are insignificant, Amalek will win. But, when we raise up our hands and recognize our divine origins, then we shall overcome.

The trick is where our focus lies, if we are focused on our physical side, then we are truly limited and no amount of raised hands will help. If we raise our spiritual hands in supplication to our Heavenly Father, we will not be denied.

[Menorat HaZahav, BeShalah]


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