weak lights

At the very end of the Notzer Hesed he brings down a teaching that we should pray to HaShem that all our brilliance and enlightenment should be saved for Shabbath and not expended during the week. He explains that when our weekdays are bright and full of illumination, then our Shabbat is more dull and lackluster.

From this he also brings down the explanation for why in the second temple period the learning in Israel wasn't so distinguished: Because the Jews were learning with such intensity and illumination in the diaspora, (which is comparable to the week days) Israel was left without light. (because Israel parallels Shabbath)

This is a very hard teaching to connect to, it's hard to imagine that if you uplift the week it won't make your Shabbath higher, but instead make your Shabbath, has v'shalom, lower.

I will have to look further into the matter, but I would like to draw one further parallel that derives directly from this teaching. Why is it that in this day our learning of the secrets of the Torah isn't on the level it could be? Because so much of religious Judaism today is focused on learning the body of the Torah (as opposed to its soul) with tremendous ingenuity.

If anyone doubts the connection then I will point you to the Holy Arizal who would teach his students six different understandings of each halachah according to the 'pshat' mirroring the six days of the week, and then a seventh understanding according to the 'sod' (the secret inner meaning) representing Shabbath.


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