guard of secrets

We learn about Yaakov Avinu that at the end of his days, he wanted to reveal to his children secrets about the end of days, but the divine presence departed and he was silenced.

What were the secrets that Yaakov Avinu wanted to reveal? What is the only thing we know that Yaakov reserved his judgement about? It occurred to me before mincha on shabbat shuva that it says about Yosef's dream of the sun and the moon and the twelve stars bowing down to him, and His father guarded the matter. (ואביב שמר את הדבר)

What was the secret? I don't know. But I do know that he was hiding something about Yosef's dream, and that the dream involved Rachel being present after she had already passed away.

May it be that our father in heaven will reaveal the ketz, the end of days, and we will finally hear all the secrets revealed.


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