טעמו וראו כי טוב ה' - עיקר חסידות הוא לטעום מתיקות עריבות ידודות נועם השם שנבלע בתוך האלוקות של כל נברא. זוהי גילוי ודביקות הנשמה באלוקות אשר טבוע בכל נברא. כל עוד שבחינת העולם מבדיל בין הנשמה לאלוקות אז אי אפשר לטעום המתיקות
What's the essence of Hassidut?

To me, the deepest lesson of the Ba'al Shem Tov (or BeShT for short) is the sweetness that is revealed within all things. It can be most easily found and tasted in the Torah of Hassidut, but the underlying lesson is "go out and learn," that same sweetness underlies all of creation. It is the sweetness of cleaving to the Godliness that infuses all things and imbues them with life.

In the BeShT's famous letter to his brother-in-law R' Gershon KiTov, Moshiah tells him in Gan Eden that he (Moshiah) will not arrive until all the world can perform the spiritual unifications of the Ba'al Shem Tov. To me this doesn't mean arcane intentions or mnemonics, rather the simple joy of revealing the sweetness of Godliness in all things. 

Don't misunderstand, this is no small task, in practice it may be harder than teaching everyone (and I mean everyone) the unifications (yichudim) of the Mekubalim. 

I bring up this topic in recognition of Yud Tet Kislev the Rosh HaShanah of Hassidut.

טעמו וראו כי טוב השם - taste and see that HaShem is good.


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