the roots of change

I was overjoyed this morning at this new understanding, so bear with me and perhaps you will enjoy it too.

According to the Bnei Yisaschar (Reb Tzvi Elimelech of Dinov) the Torah of Din, which was also the Torah of Beit Shammai, requires building step by step from humble origins to great accomplishments. The Torah of Hesed, which was also the Torah of Beit Hillel, on the other hand can be attained and perceived in a single moment. With this the Bnei Yisaschar explains the difference of opinion regarding the Tree New Year. Both agree that the fullness of the Tree New Year is reached on the 15 of Shvat, but Beit Shammai believes we have to work to get there hence we celebrate it on the 1st of Shvat, while Beit Hillel believes we can receive the fullness all at once on the 15th, so we celebrate then. (See more detail in this earlier post)

Today, Rosh Hodesh Shvat, is the Tree New Year according to Shammai, and I wanted to celebrate it with extra joy so that I could satisfy both opinions. (even though l'halachah we hold like Beit Hillel in this case) I was upset however that for a number of reasons I didn't have the time I wanted to really focus on Rosh Hodesh and the Tree New Year. I was upset until HaShem reminded me of Beit Shammai's opinion, which is that we can't just jump into something, but rather must build towards it. With this knowledge I was able to greatly enjoy the limited celebration that was the oppurtunity available to me, knowing full well that I would build from this starting point until a real crescendo on Tu b'Shvat, the 15th.

From this I was able to understand what a special time Rosh Hodesh Shvat is as well as all the days from now until Tu b'Shvat. They are especially me'sugal, (pertinent) to accomplishing great things through slow and steady growth through devotion.

Now is the time of year when we are encouraged to build gradually, to take on small advances and not big ones, to make minor and lasting changes such that fourteen days from now we will be thoroughly changed and (seemingly) effortlessly new.

This is mirrored in the nature of the awakening of the trees from winter, they don't appear to change at all on the outside, but today the sap begins to flow, and before we know it, 14 days from now there will be new buds, promises of new life, new growth, of another spring.


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