Rebbe Nachman (Likkutei Moharan I:112 (if you follow the link it's at the very end of the page)) brings down the idea that someone can only pray through the gate of their tribe. This is how he explains the matter of differences in the nusach (the wording) of the tefillah in different minhagim. Each nusach coincides with the gate of prayer of a particular tribe.

This has been on my mind lately as even though I am Sefaradi and do pray Sefaradi/Adut HaMizrah, there are certain parts of the nusach that I can't help but borrow from a different nusach. Foremost among them are: ולא in Aleinu "ולא גורלנו ככל המונם" And צפינו in the berachah "matzmiah keren Yeshuah" in the Amidah, "קוינו וציפינו כל היום" Neither of those appear in the proper sefaradi nusach but I feel like they're supposed to be in the tefillah so I generally say them.

I wonder exactly which nusach they are from (I think I might have first encountered them in the Artscroll Sefard siddur) and when they were introduced, it's really a question though that I need to ask my brother-in-law. Perhaps I will get a good answer and add it here to the post.


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