legacy of rabeinu

The Noam Elimelech, in the beginning of sefer Bamidbar, explains that all the secrets and deepest teachings of the Torah were revealed on Har Sinai to Mosheh Rabbeinu. They won't be revealed to the world however until Tzaddikim come along and cling to the ways of Torah and perform great acts in order to merit their revelation.

This goes really nicely with the Hesed L'Avraham (2:37) who explains that every revelation in Torah in any generation is only through the merit and neshamah of Mosheh Rabbeinu. In fact, Mosheh's soul permeates the souls of Bnei Yisrael just as our soul permeates our own body, the souls of Bnei Yisrael are a united body for Mosheh Rabbeinu's soul. [This is something echoed in the beginning of the Notzer Hesed in which he mentions that Mosheh Rabbeinu is the hatan, the groom, of Sinai, which is the klalut, the totality, of Bnei Yisrael.]

He explains that there is a better metaphor which illustrates the revelation of these secrets, he likens it to a tree, whose roots draw up the moisture from the ground eventually delivering that moisture to the tree's leaves. Mosheh Rabbeinu taught our forefathers in the desert, and they passed his teachings, the water of Torah, on to their children, and we are the latest recipients of the water of Torah which Mosheh showered down from Har Sinai on our ancestors, our roots.


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