the fastest society

There is a maxim about how armies can only move as fast as their slowest unit. This applies on the macro-scale to societies and cultures and any group that can be categorized as moving in some sense.

Here we can approach a hypothetical idealistic application of Jewish principles and see how it is that a Torah lifestyle is the most efficient one for a collective of one form or another to maintain.

In a basic capitalist society, each individual in the group progresses as fast as they possibly can, the society as a whole being chained to the progress of the slowest individual. In pseudo-financial terms, the purchasing power of the poorest members of the group ultimately limits the growth of the society/marketplace.

If you look at a society based on the Torah values of helping those in need with great alacrity, you find a situation where the weakest members of the group are aided almost immediately by the strongest and fastest members of the group. In such a society, societal progress gets very close to the speed of the average individual.. instead of the speed of the slowest individual. That's a huge gain for the collective, without sacrificing individuality at all.


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