for all their brains, jews still can't count - a reminder to myself and whoever else wants one

One of the explanations for what happened at Har Sinai with the Egel Hazahav is that we failed to count the days in question, counting one less than we were meant to. This is one of the explanations we are given as children in school. We have this thing about counting short.. we don't give the full forty lashes, only 39, there aren't forty avot melachot on Shabbath, there's only 39. Maybe we had a valid basis to count only 39 days by Har Sinai also... but what can we learn from it all?

Don't get bogged down in the math. Afterwards, the math will work itself out, in the meantime we have to keep doing what we're doing. Especially regarding Moshiah, the descendant of David HaMelech, the future messiah of Israel.

It's not our job to figure out when its going to happen, in fact trying to do so usually has the opposite of the desired effect. If we find amazing hints that the Moshiah is coming this pesach, it means that we still have a few more months to goof off, and then, come the sobriety after Purim we'll start to really put the pedal to the metal and get all our mitzwoth in before its too late.

True, for some, telling them moshiah is coming in a month might get them to hunker down and get to work, for most, as long as moshiah is coming the day after tomorrow, we can still worry about it tomorrow instead of today.

Who really wants to wait two years, two months, even two days for a better job, a better house, a better car, if it could be had today, wouldn't we make it happen today? Shouldn't we make it happen today?

Our unique and individual relationship with HaShem is nice and comfortable, but couldn't it be more? In the time of Moshiah won't it be better? In the time of the world to come won't it be even better? Why not strive for that relationship with HaShem today, after all as far as HaShem's concerned time doesn't exist. HaShem is totally, completely and unequivocally beyond time.

He only put time into place so that we can build the tools over time to bring ourselves closer to Him, to be able to receive the reality of Him. ושכנתי בתוכם - and I will dwell within you. What's our excuse? What are we waiting for?

We think that time is there to give us more chances to connect to HaShem, what we don't understand is that time is there to enable us to make use of every second to be more ready and more able to receive Him. Every minute of the day that isn't devoted to making room in our lives, in our selves, for HaShem is a minute we don't get back, it's a whole world of perception, of connection, that is now closed to us.

The Tzaddikim are called Shabbath because they live all week on the level of revelation of HaShem that is available to us only on Shabbath. The Tzaddikim are said to live in the time of Moshiah because they prepare themselves to receive HaShem on the level of the revelation of Moshiah every day. The Tzaddikim are said to live in the time of the Resurrection of the Dead because they take the opportunity available to them every minute because they know HaShem doesn't put the breaks on our development, only we do.

Stop counting, stop divining, and start growing, building, and doing. We want Moshiah now.


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