of clothes new and old

Continuing along [from yesterday] in Hesed L'Avraham (2:11) of Rav Avraham Azulai (zt"l) we learn that while each of the letters of the Torah is rooted in the spiritual and not merely a tangential physical phenomenon, the combination of the letters awakens and emerges a new state of existence, a new creation that until now had never been.

In fact, the nature of the Torah is imbued with the union of all of the different relationships, combinations, and permutations of all the letters. As we are able to remove the physical clothing of our souls, in the days to come, so too will the Torah be removed from her physical clothing. The more removed from the physical we become the more readily the deeper secrets of the interactions of the letters of the Torah will be revealed and come alive.

He notes that it is important to understand that [just as we are still us, underneath all the clothes, so too,] the revelation of the Torah in no way reflects a change in the underlying Torah, only a change in our ability to receive and connect to the Torah.


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