falling out of touch

When we are in the middle of tefillah, we are in a space of gadlut, an enlightened state. When we leave prayer, we leave that state, and with it we leave that closeness we share with HaShem and go back into normal reality. The goal is to bind yourself so tightly during tefillah that you don't come down, don't let go of HaShem, not even when you've gone back to mundane reality.
[brought down by the Noam Elimelech (parashath Emor)]

How close can we bind ourselves to HaShem in tefillah? I don't know if there's a limit, but I do know that in the past we mentioned the Noam Elimelech discussing souls of the Tzaddikim unifying with HaShem in the words of prayer and Torah learning. I think there is an attainable level of davening for us where we are aware of the words of our prayers leaving our lips. Through this awareness we can come close to kissing HaShem.


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