preparing the last meal

Lately I've been so tired of eating food. The process seems so unappealing, so unexciting, not because of the options of what to eat, but because it just feels wrong. I'm tired of eating. My last respite is praying the geulah is days and not years or even months away.

Clearly, as we've mentioned in the past, eating is the essence of why we are here in this world, at least according to the Noam Elimelech. (he's not the kind of person I would doubt under any circumstances) Whenever I get into a funk about having to eat, it's this Torah that uplifts me.

God willing, this Pesah, we will have a Karbon Pesah to eat along with all the matzah.

The Rebbe M'Komarna explains that the reason Achashveyrosh had a huge seudah in Shushan was a revellation of the fact that when HaShem (He who is the beginning and end of all things, an idea hinted at by the name אחשורש) ascends to the throne of the world, he will create a feast for all of Bnei Yisrael. (Consisting of the לויתן the שור הבור and יין מרקחים) All this will Bnei Yisrael attain not through their deeds, but from the point of one-ness within them that is called the שושנה (Shoshanah) hinted at by the name of the city Shushan. [שושן he says, (and I checked. twice.) actually shares the gematria (656) of ריח ניחוח אשה לי-ה-ו-ה]

So, it seems there will be more feasting after the Geulah, maybe I'm just tired of the klipoth.

Thankfully all sources seem to agree that in Gan Eden, we will eat from our Torah learning, that sounds like something I'd prefer to chow down on, though I'd best get cracking so I have something to eat when the Moshiah arrives.


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