a crown of kings

When a man marries a woman, through the marriage (kiddushin) he encompasses her in an additional spirit. This is her mazal, her luck if you will. When the man consumates the marriage he invests in her an [additional] inner spirit.

It is nice, as a husband, to know that marrying your wife brings with it an extra measure of protection for your wife.

Conversely, when the husband lives properly with his wife, creating a proper Jewish home, then, in her merit, the Shechinah, the divine presence, dwells on her husband (and guards and protects him) in all of his travels.
(based on Notzer Hesed perek 3)
So, the world was created to encourage and protect the union between a husband and wife. This is most evident in the halachah of Sotah (a wife suspected of being unfaithful -chas v'shalom) the only situation in which it is permissible to erase the name of God. The only time God permits His name to be erased, is in this instance, in order to bring peace between a husband and a wife. Certainly, the world, created through God's name has a similar motivation, to protect this entity, the nucleus of a family.

Shabbath is said to be the wife to her husband Israel, when we are worthy. In this context, who are our children? All of our mitzwoth. Every mitzwah performed appropriately creates an angel. These angels go up to HaShem as offerings. אלא תולדות יצחק - these are the generations if Yitzhak
From this passuk we learn that a person's mitzwoth are considered his children. Similarly according to some interpretations וכל הנפש אשר עשו בחרן - and all the souls they created in Charan also refers to the mitzwoth that Avraham performed.

Not only does every mitzwah go up to God as an pleasant-smelling offering. But actually, all of the mitzwoth we perform over the course of the week only go up to God on Shabbath, when Israel is completely re-united as a whole, and we can raise them up, as we mentioned yesterday.

So, to sum things up, all of creation builds towards and protects the union of husband and wife. The ultimate expression of this is the union of Israel and Shabbath, through which all of our mitzwoth can be paraded in front of HaShem.

HaShem who is known as מלך מלכי המלכים the king of the kings of kings. In this case, we can read it slightly differently and understand that the fullest expression of God's kingship in the world is that his children, Bnei Yisrael create for him מלאכים angels. We end up with מלך מלאכי הממלכים - The King of the angels of those who crown the King. All that was added to the phrase to obtain this change is two letters א"ם or mother, the Shabbath. On Shabbath we crown the King through the angels created from our mitzwoth. We (Bnei Yisrael) father angels through the mother (Shabbath) to crown the King.


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