circumcisions of the heart

In the 32 chapter of Likkutei Moharan, the ל"ב (gematria 32) or heart of Likkutei Moharan if you will, Rebbe Nachman gives a concise torah, but I'd like to trim it down even further, obviously losing 99% of the content, but all the same, I think we can learn something from it. May God keep me from erring in my adaptation.

He says that through revealing the א (aleph) in our heart, we can change (judgements) דין into אדנ"י God's name for His Might. This name is the palace in which dwells the name יהו"ה, HaShem's name of kindness and mercy. (this I saw most recently mentioned in the Noam Elimelech)

So, by revealing God, the alupho shel olam, in our hearts, (essentially circumcising our hearts, as Moshe tells us to in the Torah) we can find the Godly kindness within all of our hardship, bringing it over to the side of kindness.

This Rebbe Nachman says, is the secret of the short request we make before starting the amidah, אדנ"י open my lips and my mouth will draw out your prayer.


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