past potential energy

The Notzer Hesed (Rebbe m'Komarna) relates about the Baal Shem Tov, that they used to bring him various (hand crafted) utensils and other items, and he would tell them exactly what the craftsman had been thinking at each point in the crafting of the item.

He explained, this is a manifestation of the passuk כח הפועל בניפעל (translated, that's koach ha'poel b'niph'al - the force of the worker in that which is being worked) Namely, that even after the action was completed, the force of that action was still maintained in the result. All the moreso in HaShem's creation, that the imprint of God's actions are imminently visible in the creation.

Talk about an unbelievable feat that seems like the only thing left out of the description of the Ariz"l that he could see peoples' every thought and action, including every thought and action of their ancestors. Amongst an endless number of other unbelievable feats attributed to him.


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