The light of today

One of our mistakes in worrying too much about tomorrow is that we don't focus on our goals for today.

There is a Hassidic idea that we cannot plan for Rosh HaShanah. Each year on Rosh Hashanah a new light comes down into this world as the Shofar is blown. That light has never been revealed down here before. For just this reason it is impossible to know what Rosh Hashanah or next year will be like.

The Baal HaTanya explains that the same phenomenon happens each day. It's only with the morning prayer of Shacharit that a new light descends to this world. Being that this is the case, it makes perfect sense that we should spend significantly less time planning what we will do tomorrow and focus on making the most of today's light.

Tomorrow morning something completely new and unprecedented might happen, making all of our plans irrelevant. Let's get today right and tomorrow will flow naturally from there.


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