Mean what you mumble

One of the unique things about Jewish prayers is their extensive length. Despite the few thousand words we are meant to say every day, our lips very quickly learn them by heart. Typically, when we pray our thoughts wander and our lips stay on track.

The Baal HaTanya explains that HaShem is both hidden and revealed. Wherever He is revealed, His Divine Presence, also known as the Shechinah, resides there. The Shechinah is compared to speech. Just as our thoughts, hidden deep within our minds, are only revealed when we speak them aloud, so too HaShem is forever present but only the Shechinah's presence makes us aware of that.

The Tikkunei Zohar says that the only way to relate to HaShem is through the Shechinah.

If we want to telegraph our desire to HaShem that we would like Him to reveal His divine presence, then one straightforward way to do that is to align our speech and our thoughts.

Try once in a while to think about the words that are about to leave your mouth when you pray. It's hard not to revert to auto-pilot, there's a lot to say and our mouths are better at saying it than we are. But still, try it and show HaShem you want His hidden essence revealed through the Shechinah in our daily lives.

We don't want Him to put us on autopilot. (Aka. 'mother nature')


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