the fruit of life

All who taste the fruit of the Torah will live forever. (Tikkunei Zohar pg. 60a)

Yeah, but no one lives forever. Don't overthink it. The Torah says that because Adam ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that he will die. The Torah also says that if he were to eat from the Tree of Life he would live forever.

Our Rabbis teach that the Torah is the Tree of Life.

Even though we ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and we are destined to die, we still can eat from the Tree of Life, the Torah.

Learning the Torah ensures that we will rise again in the end of days. Learning Torah makes our death now only temporary. So yeah, eternal life is only a few minutes away and it isn't even that big of a secret.

There's got to be a catch. There is. As mentioned here in the past, the Baal HaTanya explains very simply how in the World to Come, the Torah is our sustenance, our food, but Mitzwoth are our clothes.

Learn one minute of Torah in this world and you are guaranteed to live forever, but you might be very 'hungry' and very 'naked' for all of that eternity.

Since you've already learned a little Torah, you might as well go all in and learn a lot. While you're at it, do some mitzwoth, so you can sport some slick threads too.


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