don't leave me

Yom Kippur of this year I left Neila with a single thought: "HaShem, don't leave me," Don't let me be alone, I need You with me.

It's been 5 months to the day and still that thought resonates through much of my prayers.

This morning in the daily Tanya (beginning of ch. 23) I saw a very appropriate answer:

ועל כן גם אברי גוף האדם המקיימים המצוה, שכח ובחינת המעשה של נפש האלקית מלובש בהם בשעת מעשה וקיום המצוה, הם נעשו מרכבה ממש לרצון העליון

In this way, those organs of the human body which perform the mitzvah — i.e., those organs in which the divine soul’s faculty of action is clothed during the performance and fulfillment of the mitzvah — they, too, become a veritable vehicle (lit., merkavah — a “chariot”) for the Divine Will.

Basically, if I don't want HaShem to leave me, I should always involve myself with mitzwoth. As long as I'm involved in mitzwoth, then my body and soul are nullified to HaShem's Will and He 'dwells' within me.


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