coming up for air

How do we deal with the dichotomy, the discrepancy between knowing everything is only HaShem and relating to physical objects and tangible entities in the 'real' world?

In the Tanya this disconnect is discussed as a limitation of being human. A transitory level. A dangerous snare to avoid.

Many Gedolim, among them the Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh, (whom I've not seen inside) encourage us to stop regularly throughout the day to remind ourselves of the deeper truer reality of HaShem.

Today, to me, it seems like everytime I get to stop to say a berachah or think about HaShem, it's like coming up for air.

Yes we can swim around and explore the depths of this world, but the reality is, we need to come up for air.

The longer we stay under, the more desperate we get, the more our lungs burn, calling out for oxygen, telling us we need to get some air.

So remember to surface often. Reconnect with HaShem and then dive back in to Olam HaZeh.

It changes the way we look at everything.


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