religious blinders

In Ohr Pnei Melech Rav Steinsaltz points out that religious Jews have a strange ability to relegate entire sections of Torah Law as 'not binding to me.'

It is probably a good idea to address and reexamine (perhaps rediscover) these areas when thinking about teshuvah and the preparations of Elul. I mean this in the best way, not teshuvah out of guilt, but teshuvah out of the recognition that I wantonly abandoned HaShem's will as if He wasn't speaking to me, and yet what He wants from me is something I ordinarily take very seriously.

When I started thinking about this I was shocked at how many things, both little and big, I've seemed to evade taking responsibility for. We, as citizens of modern western culture, might have atrophied quite a few muscles, but that power of denial is toned and in olympic shape.

In my case simply learning Halachah will definitely help me to uncover plenty of things I didn't even know existed, but definitely pertain to me.


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