i'm excited for moshiah!

No one wants to look like an idiot; and no one knows how to wield this fact to his advantage better than the yetzer hara. (the evil urge)

Many times, tens if not hundreds, a generation has gotten excited at the news that Moshiah's arrival is imminent. Every one of those times ended in great disappointment that Moshiah was a no-show.

Now, people are getting excited about Moshiah's arrival. Myself and so many others like me are saying to themselves, "wow, that would be great, but I shouldn't really get too excited because we've been wrong so many times before."

But, who's side are we on? If I get excited about Moshiah and make changes in my life, changes I should have made anyways, in order to be ready for Moshiah, who wins and who loses?

The only one who wins when we don't get excited about Moshiah is the satan, the yetzer hara, the ba'al davar, the angel of death. (all one and the same)

Here's the biggest conspiracy theory of all: What if the yetzer hara created all of those fake waves of moshiah-excitement, just so that when the real Moshiah is coming, no one will get excited?

It's time to get excited!


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