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אף על פי דלא חזי, מזליה חזי - שאלו ובביטוי השאלה "מן הוא" כבר הבחין ליבם עצם מהות המן - אמונה

When bnei Yisrael saw the manna for the first time they said מן הוא - "what is it?" But the Talmud teaches us that even though we don't see the holiness in something, our neshama does. (אף על פי דלא חזי מזלי חזי)

Which is why their words hinted at the true nature of the manna even when they were asking what it was. מן הוא is composed of the letters which spell out אמונה - emunah. Every day in the desert we had to have faith in HaShem that he would provide for us.


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