the not so hidden truth

Rebbe Nachman (Likkutei Moharan I:133) brings down the words of the Baal Shem Tov:
אוי ואבוי כי העולם מלא מאורות וסודות נפלאים ונוראים והיד הקטנה עומדת בפני העינים ומעכבת מלראות אורות גדולים
"Oy Vavoy, but the world is full of wonderous and awesome lights and secrets, and the little hand covers the eyes, preventing them from seeing these great luminaries."
The Hayom Yom brings down an amazing and related point:
There is not the vaguest shadow of doubt that, wherever our feet tread, it is all in order to cleanse and purify the world with words of Torah and tefilla (prayer). We, all of Israel, are emissaries of G-d, each of us as Divine Providence has decreed for us. None of us is free from this sacred task placed on our shoulders.
Rav Morgenstern in Dei Hochmah L'Nafshech (B'Shalach) explains why this is accessible to us:
This process begins with contemplation of the fact that all is Elokus,
which we have already explained is an aspect of Shema Yisrael, the sefirah of
Chochmah. Every Jewish soul is rooted in Chochmah, which is associated with
the Name Havayah when it is fully articulated with yuds so that it equals 72. [- יוד
20 = הי-ויו-הי + 15+ 22+ 15 = 72] Since each Jewish soul is rooted in this Name,
this means that everyone naturally is closest to contemplating Elokus. Since this
is a form of avodah that comes naturally to the Jewish soul, it is the basis of all
avodah, as the Emek Hamelech writes.
What most interests me is the fact that nothing can exist without a spark of kedushah, or holiness. More than that, I believe the Mei Shiloah states that even our most destructive desire is still a desire for the spark of holiness in this destructive act.

To me that means that every brilliant advertising campaign, every catchy tune, every sports car, every designer gown, in short everything that is popular, is popular only because of the holiness, the fallen spark that is trapped within it. It is probably dangerous to look for such things, just as the Baal HaTanya explains that it is dangerous to involve yourself with your own foreign thoughts.

However, if you have an idea, a tune, anything stuck in your head, you can find the innate holiness within it, bring it out and thank HaShem for it. (And then move on back to more apparently holy matters.)


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