canons to purify your heart

I always love to find descriptions of technology or technological marvels in sefarim. Rebbe Nachman (Likkutei Moharan I:156) quite accurately describes the functioning of what he refers to as kanei sereifa, perhaps best translated as firing tubes, but clearly referring to canons or rifles.

He explains that fire drives air away, just as the explosion in a canon drives the air out of the barrel propelling whatever was placed in the barrel into the air at high velocity. From this simple principle Rebbe Nachman explains how to remove the ruah tumah, impure spirit, from your heart: When we burn with desire to perform HaShem's mitzwoth, we drive out the ruah tumah, that was drawn there when we burned with desire for physicality. Through burning with fire, it drives out the ruah, the impure spirit/wind.


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