cinching the knot

The Noam Elimelech brings down (parashath Korah) that Tefillin represent the bond between HaShem and His People. This bond, he explains, is such that however much we bind ourselves to HaShem, He cleaves to us (k'vyachol) in a similar fashion.

This is how he explains יפה שעה אחת בתשובה ומעשים טובים בעולם הזה - literally: One hour of teshuvah and good deeds in this world is better [than the enjoyment of the world to come.] He says it means that any moment when we bring unity between HaShem and His People (through Teshuvah and mitzwoth) is beautiful to HaShem.

This is a unity that is uniquely applicable to this world. As the Ba'al HaTanya explains that this world allows our souls to experience HaShem thoroughly, on a higher level [ie. more directly] than all the experiences of the upper worlds.


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