dollar signs in front of our eyes

When I was younger I remember thinking a lot about the following question: If the Torah is the brightest truth in the world, how could any lie conceal it? wouldn't it shine through?

Rebbe Nachman provides (Likkutei Moharan I:133) a really great illustration: Just like the sun is massive and brilliant, but still each day the earth hides it away, and just like a coin held close to your eye can blot out a giant mountain many thousands of times its own size; so too, this physical world is a tiny barrier right in front of us that occludes the tremendous sea of Torah which greatly dwarfs the entire world.

He goes on to say, just as we can simply move the coin away from our eye and behold the tremendous mountain, if we look away from this little world and all of its enticements, we will merit to see the enormous light of the Torah and the Tzaddikim which is many hundreds of thousands of times greater.


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