upon my word

In Pirkei Avoth, we learn that Avtalyon says "wisemen be careful with your words, lest you require an exile, and you will be exiled to a place of poisoned water, and your students will drink from it and die, and the name of heaven will be disgraced."

The Notzer Hesed explains this verse, emphasizing "be careful with your words." Everything else that comes about in the verse, he explains, comes from being careless and saying unnecesary words.

Tonight, learning this with my hevruta, Pesah, we arrived at an understanding of just how much our words affect our world, until even the meaningless unnecesary words have such an impact.

Only through this lesson was I able to understand the words of the Pri Ha'aretz that one who understands that it is not his own voice but the voice of HaShem speaking can create worlds. HaShem created us b'tzelem elokim, in His divine image. He gave us speech. Just as the world was created when He spoke, so too, when we speak we are creating worlds. If we do not heed our words, the worlds of our creation will be distorted and damaging. If we speak with the proper awareness and humility of where our voices, our words, come from, then we can create worlds of bounty and blessing.

[this is the 630th post to this blog, which is the gematria of קצתי בחיי which has special significance to me. Thank you HaShem for all of your beauty and kindness, I lack nothing, and have so very much. I am diminished from all of your kindness. טובה הארץ מאוד מאוד - the land is exceedingly good]


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