the imminent world

I sometimes explain olam habah like this: There are so many things I want to learn and do, and I know I will never get to them all, but just the fact that I want them so much consoles me because I know in Olam HaBah, (the world to come) I will receive them. When we really understand the reality of HaShem, and truly believe in Him. Then, Olam HaBah should really be translated as "The world that is coming." (Not as most people translate it, "the world to come.") The arrival of Olam HaBah is a certainty.

Right after I finished a similar conversation this shabbat eve, I opened Likkutei Moharan I:65, in which Rebbe Nachman explains that we cannot grasp how it is that HaShem "hollowed out" a space for the creation within Himself and yet still He fills this space completely. But know, the understanding of this idea that is granted in the world to come is the basis of all reward in the world to come.

It's nice when your Torah learning discusses the goings on of your every day.


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