I've talked before about travelling through our words. This time though I'd like to mention it in terms of practice rather than theory.

When we are learning, it is important to say every word out loud. Why? Because if we are just sight-reading and thinking, then the act of learning Torah never leaves the realm of thought. When we learn and say what we are learning out loud, it brings our learning down to the realms of speech and of action.

As we say each word out loud, be aware that each and every letter is its own world, and all the moreso each and every word. With the pronunciation of each word, connect to the essence of that word. Whatever word you are saying, that is the world you are currently connecting to.

This can be scary or ecstatic, but either way, you are making your learning more of a dynamic living experience than an intellectual one. It's also easy to turn your learning simultaneously into tefillah in this way.


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