try not to ruin a good thing

This morning I had the priviledge to say slichot and pray with Hassidei Beit El (as the Ben Ish Hai refers to them) opposite the kodesh kedoshim in the kotel tunnels.

So much of what I've been reviewing lately in the Notzer Hesed on Achdut just gelled. Shlomo Katz mentioned that Rav Avraham Yitzhak haKohen Kook said that Teshuvah is really a return to normalcy, not some intense work to change oneself. That's almost how I saw it this morning.

I'll try and describe it a little. There is HaShem's ultimate plan: An infinitely deep relationship with a nation called Yisrael. Then there is you and me. When we try to play up our own individual piece of the plan, it is like an ant trying to upstage a mountain. We can either connect to that relationship of Yisrael and HaShem, or be left out in the cold trying to be our own something else.

It was beautiful and so comforting. We're already part of the best thing happening.


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