being an action hero for dummies

Lately I feel I've been receiving a lot of the Baal Shem Tov's Torah.

This morning it became shockingly clear how much of our life we are missing out on relating to HaShem and how everything we do is meant to be done with and as prayer.

Any time we move or act, speak or think, we are basing our actions on presumptions and suppositions we have about how the world works. We have within our potential the ability to act from a very different place, a place of utter faith and reliance in HaShem.

Any action we undertake, no matter how seemingly trivial is an oppurtunity to put our faith in HaShem and not the system of cause and effect we grow up to believe in. I'm hoping to pray almost constantly at least in the near future with each of my actions in order that I may grow closer to HaShem through everything He is teaching me.

I think this is actually the way to true faith-based miracles. Teaching ourselves to accept the reality of HaShem rather than the apparent reality around us, changes our expectations and our limitations in previously unimagined ways.

I also think modern culture is carrying a heavy dose of this around subconsciously--why is it that action heroes always manage to get the full advantage of one-in-a-million occurrences in movie after movie and yet we the masses still buy into it? It's not just because Hollywood likes to get our adrenaline pumping--It's because it's latently teaching us that HaShem bends the world to our needs when we bend our wills to HaShem.


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