consciousness as brakes

Here's an article from Science Blog that describes recent scientific studies in the field of unconscious actions. A quote from the end of the article:
“This research strongly indicates that part of the voluntary control of our actions actually involves overruling automatically activated motor plans.”
In short, they suggest that our conscious actions are very often involved in the inhibiting of unconscious actions. It's still not clear how this whole mechanims works.

I figured it's worth mentioning because based on this description, it seems like making conscious decisions has a lot in common with performing mitzwoth.

In the general view, we have a yetzer hara, that automatically pulls and pushes us in all manner of directions, and the yetzer tov, whose job it is to override and channel those animalistic or 'unconsious' drives.

The whole idea jives really well with our last post [a moment's notice] about berachot as a means of breaking our nature.


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