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From talking with my wife last night, we reached a point of very high-level perush on the megillah.

Esther represents the Neshamah, (the soul) she didn't choose to be the Queen, she was sucked into the role. She didn't choose for the Jewish people's very lives to be threatened. That had something to do with her uncle and an evil minister. But, she is told very clearly by Mordechai that if she is silent on the matter, the Jewish people will be saved, but she and her father's house will be lost.

[Obvious parallel: the Neshamah was placed in the body, perhaps against its will, the Neshamah has nothing to do with the evil urge's (יצר הרע) desire to take over the body. Yet, if the Neshamah doesn't fight the evil urge, it's the Neshamah that will be lost.]

כל העולם לא נברא אלא בשבילי - the whole world was created for none other than myself. This is one of the vital things we must take into our daily account, when relating to God. Similarly, for Esther, the whole situation was arranged primarily for her. Through her success she would ensure reward for herself and her family for all generations, for failure they would be lost, but her failure would impact no one else. For each of us, our soul was placed into the precise predicament into which we were born and have grown. We can be advocates for Godliness in the world, or we can be lost. Either way, don't think for a minute that it is someone else who is going to suffer--God will take care of them. This world is your test.

We can look even a step further. This very moment is your test. The past before now and the future to come might as well have been created just as they are now. For all intents and purposes (and perhaps in reality) they were. The question is, right now what are you going to do?

That's what I learn from the megillah.


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