supernal bodysurfing

We've mentioned in the past that the words of our prayers become vessels in which we may travel. (Arks for travelling, Height of man, Future of song) Normally, when we've discussed travelling it's always been about a spiritual journey. Our souls enter into our words and alight to the supernal realms. Get ready for the next step:

Tzaddikim, because of their great work purifying and sanctifying their bodies, when they pray not only their souls rise up to their super-natural origins, but their bodies join them for the trip. Their bodies return along with their soul, and help to allay any opposition along the way. (Noam Elimelech parashath Vayishlah)

All of a sudden, around the time the Torah starts to talk about Yaakov avinu's lifetime, the Noam Elimelech really takes off. I'm getting to divrei torah that I want to go over again and again until I've totally juiced them. (Of course, this being the Noam Elimelech, my most thorough juicing won't begin to uncover the true meanings of the text.)

Maybe it's the time of year, or maybe I'm just more connected to these Torahs, or maybe I'm not imagining it. Anyways, I'm loving the time I spend with (/learning) the Noam Elimelech.

[Though, to be fair, all of my sedarim are really exciting right now. Maybe it's really just the time of year, post Tu-b'shvat, pre-Purim?]


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