God wants the bimbo in each of us.

The Maor Eynayim (parashath כי תשא) has a great little language lesson: מוחין - intellect/brains comes from the same word as למחות - to protest (to restrain is my personal translation, perhaps fraught with error)

This, he explains is what מוחין really do. When God reveals his light to you, you are enlightened, you are intellectually stimulated and it becomes far more apparent to you what is the correct vs. the incorrect behavior. Through the revellation of greater intellect, you are aided in the task of restraining the יצר הרע, the evil urge. By making you more aware of what you are doing, God is in essence restraining you from doing evil.

In a sense then, God much prefers when we choose the right thing in a moment of darkness, than if we behave appropriately when our minds are clear and coherent. Our darkness and our confusion make our good deeds that much sweeter. Just like seeing your child behave appropriately in a difficult situation without any outside intervention. (without your child even being aware that you are noticing what s/he is doing)


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