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The world can't exist without constant divine intervention. This intervention is generally termed berachah or shefah. (שפע - flow/influx) We've mentioned before that Tzaddikim are the main channels through which God's influence, his shefa reach this world.

When the world was young, there would be one Tzaddik in each generation, whose mind was so vast that he alone could bridge the gap between the mundane and the divine, he alone could bring down the heavenly influx necesary for the continuance of the world on a moment by moment basis. (Seriously, one instant without God's shefa and we're all done for--we've never existed at all. We're talking far more serious than oxygen here, this is Torah.)

This was the way things went down till we became a nation and received the Torah clothed in a more corporeal form. Now, until the coming of Moshiah, it behooves each and every Jew to do their part in performing the mitzwoth and learning the Torah, cleaving to God. Each Jew is a part of the (קומה שלימה) complete level of God's shefa that is coming down into this world, the more Jews cleaving to God and performing mitzwoth, (His commandments) the more life (divine intervention) this world receives from the source of all life.

When Moshiah comes, he includes the souls of all of us, just as Adam did. [Here he brings the well known אד"ם - אדם דוד משיח] He will be the pipe through which we all get our divine blessing. Until then, our efforts invested in the Torah complete this level, the level of Moshiah, so that when he arrives, he will be able to bring down everything that we need. In the meantime, we're seriously asphyxiating..

[This all is sourced in the Maor Eynayim on parashath Yitro.]


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