shield of ages

The Notzer Hesed says that all of the yichudim that one does in one's daily activities are considered the life of the moment. (חיי שעה) This means connecting one's mundane actions back to God, performing them in order to perform unifications of the Shechinah and HaKadosh Baruch Hu in the higher worlds through one's intentions and actions, it's all about bringing life down to the world at this very moment. But, Pirkei Avoth warns, no matter how lofty your intentions and actions, they won't help you in a moment of weakness when you've fallen from your level. They can't help you, because they exist in the moment.

Torah learning, on the other hand, is called (eternal life or) the life of the world , (חיי עולם as we've discussed before regarding learning after you pray) and it surrounds, protects, and guards us when we fall, so that we can get up again, and return to our place.

[מגן הוא לכל החוסים בו - it is a shield to all who take shelter in it.]


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