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דברים היוצאין מן הלב נכנסים ללב - things that come from the heart, enter the heart
Normally, this is taken to mean that if you speak from the heart, it will pierce into the heart of others. Conversely if you speak about things you don't believe, others will know it and take it to heart no more than you yourself do.

The Noam Elimelech understands this phrase in a completely novel fashion. When you connect to HaShem with all your heart, (in awe and holiness) it awakens a similar desire in those around you, and when you see those around similarly aroused, it enters your (own) heart once more and encourages and energizes you and raises you to new hights of awe and holiness.

In his own words, "things that come from the heart, enter the [same] heart [from which they came and there they awaken more kedusha]."


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