little fusions that straddle the paradoxical

One of the cliched questions that gets asked often: how is it that an infinite God can relate to us finite beings? Of course the simplest and most rational response is: "If God can't than he isn't truly infinite."

If we want to understand a little bit of the how God relates to his finite creations, Hassidut in general teaches us that the Tzaddikim are the channels for God's blessing that comes down into the world.

The Maor Eynayim explains to us how it is that Tzaddikim, as the middle-men, can straddle the infinite and the finite. It comes from the reason stated in the previous post about Bnei Yisrael being אדם. Since Tzaddikim are both flesh and blood (which includes an animal soul) and they also contain a piece of infinite Godliness (the godly soul) then because they are אדם this fusion of the paradoxical, the finite and the infinite, they cleave to both worlds and bring them together. They are the channels that allow God's influence to flow into this world in such a way that it is beneficial and not overwhelming. (ie. destructive)


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