a father singing to his first born

[a semi-whimsical deviation from the normal fare here]
This sounds like a song HaShem could sing to the Tzaddikim. (or vice versa)
Keep in mind that the Torah starts with the word bereishith, which is an anagram for shirath av - a father's song. Also, in light of my last post, which was slightly misunderstood--let's not forget that kol yisrael kulam tzaddikim.

Song: Only You
By: The Platters
Memorable line: Only you can turn the darkness bright -- straight out of the zohar

Some of the lyrics:
Only you can make this world seem right
Only you can make the darkness bright
Only you and you alone
Can thrill me like you do
And fill my heart with love for only you

Only you, only you can make this change in me
For it's true you are my destiny


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