tomorrow was born yesterday

Apparently, when people imagine what they will do tomorrow, the brain uses the same pathways that it does when people are remembering what they did yesterday. (via ScienceBlog)

This has so many implications in the relationship with Torah and Judaism. Here's a quick short list:
  1. The words in hebrew that mean future also mean behind, while the words that mean the past also mean in front of. This intermixing of what is behind and in front of us (time-wise) is clear from the way the brain apparently works. [I've written about this before.]
  2. Next, Rav Steinsaltz talks about this very idea in regard to thirsting for God in such a way that the divine presence actually becomes mirrored and gives you insight into the future, by letting you see what is behind you. (also mentioned in the post above)
  3. Teshuva (תשובה) is also totally based on reliving your past in your future in order to utterly change that past. The deepest version of this lesson was also something I learned from Rav Steinsaltz.


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