western world waging war on family (nothing new)

This reminds me of the Greek Philosophers' theories and ideas about ideal love that were floated to create an acceptable reason for homosexuality. Now there are scientific studies to show that larger families are more life-threatening to the parents involved. (And more life-threatening to the children involved)

Two things:
  1. If you don't reproduce, your ideas die too. You can claim many examples to the contrary, but then I would tell you you're looking at too narrow a frame of time.
  2. When you are old and infirm, if you don't have children who care about you (to care for you), what do you think life is going to look like? I know, having seen my great-aunt cared for in her infirmity by my mother, because she had no children of her own--she was one of the lucky ones.
  3. And besides, there really aren't any experiences that could rival that of raising little people into big people. But that's my own personal opinion.
Anyways, the western world is going to go on justifying the reasons why they are stopping to reproduce, when the real reason is greed and laziness. It won't really matter, they're just breeding those qualities out of the gene pool for the rest of us.


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