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over at Cannabis Chassidus Yosef quotes a faux-spiritual anti-semite as saying:
Jewishness is a quality; it can be found in a Hindu, it can be found in a Jaina, it can be found in a Christian, in a Buddhist. It is the quality of calculation.

It can become great intelligence, it can also become great cunningness -- both alternatives are there.
The afore-mentioned anti-semite twists the idea of Judaism into something that we may all easily hate.

Judaism is actually about awareness. Awareness of what is going on inside you, awareness of the world around you. That is the fundamental basis of Judaism. The reason this awareness is so central, is because of the innate recognition that everything in our experiential sphere comes to us directly from God, there's no noise, only signal. The more elevated your God-awareness the more the world around you (and within you) transitions from apparent noise to clear signal.

That was the basis of everything the Avoth (Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov) did, the basis of everyone in all of Tanach. (the Old Testament)

Where Judaism went from that foundation is another story. This is the difference between the passing interactions one has with other people walking down the street, and the permanent ever-growing relationship between one and one's spouse. The God-awareness of Judaism allowed the relationship between the Jewish people and God to grow (through fits, fights, and forgiveness (as any relationship grows)) and blossom into long-term commitment.

People can come and try and paint it any way they want, 'cunning', 'selfish', what have you, but in truth, they're trying to take something beautiful and turn it into something easily despicable. Why? For their own temporary petty gains. Just as the snake saw Adam and Hava (Eve) and jealously wanted to destroy their relationship.

In the end, this osho, like every other snake, will end up crawling on his belly.


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