mothering is not only in her genes, it's in her cells too..

Here's a Startling discovery (via ScienceBlog)
It has been known for some years that mother and baby exchange stem cells in the course of pregnancy...The phenomenon is known as microchimerism, and it is still unclear as to whether the presence of such cells can be harmful to the recipient.

The study, initially undertaken in the belief that maternal cells might trigger autoimmunity in the child, has now taken an interesting new twist, for the maternal cells might even be helping the child to repair injury.
Basically, they found that in some children with Type 1 Diabetes, the mother's cells had actually migrated to the child's pancreas to supplement insulin production. (Before the baby was born.. in case that was unclear.)

That's so amazing. Children and mothers exchange some stem cells during pregnancy. Which means that in a way, a wife actually receives her husband's genetic material in some of his child's cells that then migrate into her body. That's a very trippy בשר אחד. (one flesh)

More amazing though, is that not only does a mother instruct and care for her children on the macro level, but even on the microscopic level, a mother's cells enter her child during pregnancy and perhaps augment, modify or share in the development and progress of a child, even after that child is born.

Talk about the שכינה (Shechinah) going into exile with her children. It's such a deep truth, that I have to sit back and just appreciate it for a while. It's so beautiful.


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