I read on Heichal Negina (aka the other Yitz in the blogosphere)
Rebbe Avraham of Kalisk, who came to the Land of Israel on the first Chassidic wave of Aliya in 1777, wrote in a letter, printed in the sefer Pri Ha’aretz, that anyone who comes to Eretz Yisrael goes through a great deal of tribulations until he is able to live there. It's not a matter of days or months or even a year, but of many years. A person is literally "born there" - one has to pass through a period comparable to conception, development and childhood, until "face to face, he will see the Face of the Land, and his soul will connect with its Soul."
As someone who moved here and went through such an experience I can't begin to tell you how true this Torah is. Thank God all my struggles were internal and not external suffering. Nonetheless, my life was in utter chaos for at least 3 years before I learned to walk/live again, in a whole new way. There is nothing that compares to the life of a Jew in (her/) his homeland.

To all the Jews outside of Israel, I can only say that it is supremely worthwhile to consider.. though I have come to understandings of why some of you need to be there. (Which has nothing to do with parnasa, at least not directly.)

Personally, I moved here because living outside of Israel was tearing me apart. Though, I think I've reached a place (of internal strength) where I could survive there (anywhere but Israel).. but it would be just that, survival. I thrive, I live, I grow here. at home.


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