stopping to smell the roses

"Space Cadet" raises a question (via A Simple Jew) re: the mishna that says someone who stops in the midst of his torah study and says 'what a beautiful tree' is mitchayev b'nafsho. He brings up Rav Tzvi Yehudah Kook who elaborates:
only when one interrupts his study does it pose a threat to his life, but if he connects the beauty of the tree back to its creator and recognises that this is simply an extension of his learning, then there is no problem. (paraphrased)
I just wanted to point out a parallel, namely that this isn't the only mishna that mentions someone being mitchayev b'nafsho and in another instance, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov turns the whole mishna on its head and says that mitchayev b'nafsho is actually a good thing, it means he is assuming responsibility for his own existence, a kind of maturation process. He is mitchayev his own existence. He is causing his continued existence.

Always important to learn the Hassidut in order to see the world on its head. Otherwise we forget how complicated it is, and how thorough our own preconceived notions.


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