Seeing torah in the world

There's a cool article about scientists discovery of an entirely symbiotic worm that has symbiotic bacteria under its skin that eat and excrete instead of having a digestive tract of its own. The worm moves from food-rich place to food-rich place in its environment ensuring that it's tenant bacteria have plenty to eat. In return, the bacteria supply all the necesary proteins to the worm and dispose of its waste products.

This is such an amazing metaphor I just had to apply it to what I'm learning currently. (the Notzer Hesed (Komarna Rebbe)) Certain Tzaddikkim go about their days interacting with the physical world in a way that gathers and releases all of the holy sparks contained in their environment. These sparks cling to the Tzaddik because they know the Tzaddik raises them up through his deeds and meditations. These sparks, in turn, enlighten the mind of the Tzaddik and allow him to attain wonderous levels of cleaving to G-d.

I guess it's just interesting to see similar interactions in the most mundane segments of the world.

If we look of course, we can see similar symbiosis everywhere: The best example for me would be the adage of the mishna: (in Avot, i think) Through all of my teaching(/students), I've gained wisdom. (mikol m'lamdai hiskalti - מכל מלמדי השכלתי)


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